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Discord timeout button

The timeout feature was introduced to Discord in 2021. The feature is similar to that of a mute. Any moderator can set the expiration of the timeout. Throughout the timeout duration, the user won’t be able to send any messages and will see how long they have until it expires.


People with the «Temporarily exclude members» permission will be able to use the embed functionality.

They can also revoke the timeout before the time runs out.

What Is Discord Timeout? Everything You Need To Know

Discord is a popular platform for gamers, streamers, and communities to communicate with one another. Discord offers several features, including the ability to time out or mute users who break the platform’s community guidelines or terms of service. It’s critical to comprehend how timeouts operate, whether you’re a Discord user or a moderator if you want to use the app effectively and stay safe online. So let’s start exploring Discord timeout and learning more about them!

To untimeout on Discord , Access the User’s profile, press and hold their avatar. Then select the option to Remove Timeout and confirm the removal.

By utilizing timeouts, moderators can address disruptive behavior, encourage adherence to community guidelines, or address a particular situation effectively. It serves as a valuable tool in maintaining the overall well-being and dynamics of a Discord community. But what is a Discord timeout, and how does it work? We will cover everything you need to know about discord timeouts, including how to use them, what they are, and when to use them.

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What Is The New Discord Timeout Feature?

You can use the new Discord timeout function once the “Timeout Member” permission is turned on. If this is the case, you can add any user to the server before the timeout expires. They won’t be able to participate in voice channels, or video calls as a result, and they won’t be able to post or reply to any messages on the server.

discord timeout

Users who time out can still view and read the channel’s messages, so be aware of that. The timeout user can reply to messages that have already received responses because those users are still connected to the server.

On the server, all channels will be subject to the timeout timer. There will be fewer responses they can add to the message to alter it. Furthermore, because the Discord timeout feature only applies these options to all channels on the server, you cannot timeout a user in single or multiple channels.

How To Timeout Someone On Discord

When you right-click on someone’s name in Discord, you can time them out by choosing timeout from the context menu. On Discord, timeouts are only accessible to users with the “Timeout Members” server permission. Admins and server moderators should be the only ones with access to the timeout feature.

  1. Right-click on a user’s username.
  2. Decide to use the timeout option.timeout someone
  3. Define the timeframe.
  4. Give a justification if you’d like.timeout in chat
  5. To confirm, click “Submit”.

What Does Timeout Do On Discord?

On Discord, a “timeout” temporarily removes a user from a text or voice channel. Consequently, the user won’t be able to join the voice channel or send messages for a predetermined period.

timeout discord user

Discord usually employs this feature to moderate a Discord server and stop users from flouting the community’s rules or norms. Server administrators often use timeouts, which can be set for a specific length, such as 10 minutes, 1 hour, or indefinitely.

How To Remove Timeout On Discord

You can end a Discord timeout by right-clicking on a user’s name and selecting the “Remove Timeout From…” option. The user will regain immediate access to the server.

  1. Open the app, then log into your Discord account.discord log in
  2. Select the server from which you wish to remove the timeout.
  3. Click on the server name and choose “Server Settings” from the right-clicked context menu to access the server settings.server settings
  4. Go to the server settings and click the “Roles” tab.roles discord
  5. Locate and click the “Edit” button next to the role where the timeout has been applied.
  6. Find the “Timeout” option by swiping down to the “Permissions” section.remove discord timeout
  7. Remove the timeout by clicking the “X” next to the duration.
  8. Click the “Save Changes” button to validate the changes.save changes
  9. Users in that capacity shouldn’t time out because the timeout has been removed.

Who Can See If A User Has Timed Out?

Owners, managers, and moderators of Discord servers can see who has timed out.

timeout feature

They will receive a message informing them of the action once they have run out of time.

How To Allow Moderators To Timeout Members

To time someone out on Discord, moderators must enable the “Timeout Members” permission. You can enable the permission in server settings.

discord timeout

Go to the server settings page. Choose “Roles” from the side menu. Set your moderator role to active. Change to permissions. It is necessary to enable the “Timeout Members” permission. Save changes, then exit.

Reasons To Use The Timeout Feature On Discord

Since moderators can kick and ban anyone from your server, they pose a security risk. Even though you might trust every server moderator, there is always a chance that their account could be compromised.

timeout feature in discord

You can avoid the need for kick or ban permissions by granting your server moderators the ability to timeout users.

To Maintain A Positive And Productive Community

You can temporarily silence or prohibit people who break community rules or behave disruptively using the Discord timeout tool to preserve a friendly and helpful community.

positive environment

By doing this, you can maintain a positive and productive work environment for your team.

To Enforce Consequences For Bad Behavior

Use the Discord timeout feature to make it clear to members that rude behavior won’t be tolerated. This helps to enforce consequences for bad behavior. As a result, everyone can continue to enjoy and feel safe in the community.

bad behaviour

The Discord timeout feature can shield other users from witnessing a user’s offensive or damaging behavior if they act in a way that could harm or offend them.

To Give Participants A Chance To Think About Their Actions

Participants sometimes act badly because they lack understanding or good judgment.

keeps you safe

Giving users a chance to think about their actions and return to the community with a better understanding of how to behave is possible with the help of the Discord timeout feature.

To Encourage Accountability

By employing the timeout function in Discord, you can hold community members responsible for their actions and instill a sense of responsibility.

encourage accountability

As a result, a respectable and accountable culture is encouraged.

How To See Who Timed Someone Out And Why

To find out who timed out a member and why to use the audit log on the Discord server. You can monitor your moderator’s behavior by looking at your server logs.


Open the channel or group where the user’s timeout occurred. Select the three dots icon in the top right corner of the Discord screen. Depending on the platform you are using, choose “View Group Info” or “View Channel Info.” To access the “Moderation Log” section, scroll down. Search for the entry that contains the phrase “Timed out” along with the person’s name who was timed out. To view more information, click the entry. The timeout’s duration, the moderator’s name, and the explanation for the timeout will all be included in the information. If the reason for the timeout is unclear, you can ask the moderator for more details.

How To Untimeout On Discord?

Find the person who has been timed out at the moment. You can look up the user’s username in the chat or the server member list. Right-click the user’s name to bring up a drop-down menu and choose “Timeout.” When Discord offers you an untimeout, a dialogue box will prompt you to confirm it. Click “Untimeout” to confirm. Once the timeout is over, the user can rejoin the server. Use the command “/timeout [username] 0” as an alternative to untimeout a user.

how to untimeout on discord

Users with the “Manage Messages” or “Ban Members” permissions are the only ones with the capacity to timeout or untimeout server members.

How To Fix Discord Timeout Not Working?

Because this is a new feature, many Discord users may need help issuing timeouts. The person receiving the timeout may already have full access to all rights as an administrator or moderator, which is one of the major causes. As a result, deactivate the admin or moderator roles before activating them. If your server’s Discord timeout isn’t functioning, this will fix and resolve the issue. In addition, you can ask a Discord mic server to transfer ownership to you.

roles in discord

If this doesn’t resolve it and you continue to experience problems with a particular user, there are some workarounds you can employ. This is only necessary if you can’t kick or ban users or have a public server where they can rejoin. All it requires is the creation of a role without any permissions. After that, in the “Advanced Permissions” section, uncheck the “Send a message and speak” box. You can now assign this role to the users you wish to suspend. If you are facing difficulty with opening the Discord app, click here.


What are Discord timeouts, and how do they function?

A discord timeout is a feature that lets a server admin permanently mute or bans a user from a discord server. This is frequently used as a form of discipline when a server violates the rules or acts inappropriately.

How do I configure the Discord server timeout for a user?

To time out a user on your Discord server, you must have ‘Manage Server’ permission. As soon as you have this, you can right-click on the user’s name in the server and select ‘Timeout’ or ‘Ban’ from the menu. The timeout can then be specified, along with its duration and cause.

Can I change the timeout duration in Discord?

Yes, you have control throughout a discord timeout. The timeout can be set in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. As a result, you can adjust the timeout following the specific infraction and the user’s previous interactions with the server.

Does Discord allow users to request timeouts?

Yes, a user may appeal their Discord timeout. You can do this by messaging the server administrator or using the Discord appeal system. The server administrator will review the appeal and decide based on the user’s actions and the violation they committed.

Will a discord timeout automatically expire, or do I have to end it manually?

After the predetermined amount of time, Discord timeouts expire automatically. It is not necessary to manually end the timeout. The user will no longer be muted or banned after the timeout and will have access to the server.


In conclusion, the Discord timeout feature allows users to temporarily mute or ban other users who are breaking the rules or causing trouble in the community. This feature should only be used as a last resort, but it can help maintain discipline and keep discussions on track. By being aware of how Discord timeout works, users can contribute to a successful and productive environment for the community.

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How To Use Discord Timeout Feature On PC & Mobile

Here’s how to use the Discord Timeout Feature to time out users on PC & Mobile.

By Phil James Last updated Dec 21, 2021

how to use the Discord Timeout Feature to time out users on PC & Mobile

Discord promises the new in-built “timeout” option within the server settings to make your server better than ever. Before there was a workaround to timeout users, but this involved creating a new role and changing the users to and fro depending on the time period you are looking for. But all this is can be done with a few click-on buttons, and users will get their permissions back automatically as soon as the timeout timer expires. So today let’s look at how to use the Discord Timeout Feature to time out users on PC & Mobile.

What Is the New Discord Timeout Feature?

What Is the New Discord Timeout Feature

Once you enable the “Timeout Members” permission, you will be able to use the new Discord Timeout Feature. This means you can put any user in your server into a timeout period. This will block their access to send or react to any messages, or join voice channels and video calls, on the server.

Also, note that the users who have been timed out will be able to see and read messages in the channels. And as these users are still part of the server, if a message already has reactions, then time-out users will be able to react to those messages.

They will not be allowed to add any new reaction to the messages. And the Discord Timeout Feature only applies these options across all the channels in the server, and you cannot timeout a user for any single or multiple channels. The timeout timer will apply to all the channels in the entire server.

How to Timeout Users on Discord PC & Mobile

The Discord Timeout Feature will only be enabled for Admins & Moderators with “Timeout Members” permission allowed. So with that said, here’s how to Timeout Users on Discord using the new feature:

  1. On PC, right-click on the user’s name
  2. On Discord mobile, just hold on user’s avatar
  3. This will open their “Profile Context Menu”
  4. Now click on “Time Out”
    How to Timeout Users on Discord PC & Mobile
  5. A new Time Out menu will pop up now
  6. Select the time limit duration for the user
  7. You can select anywhere from 60 seconds,5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, full-day, or even for the complete week
    Discord Timeout Feature time limit duration
  8. You can also give a reason for a timeout in this menu
  9. This reason will be stored & visible in “Audit Log” inside “Server Settings”
  10. Now the timed-out user will show a new icon with a timestamp
  11. For other users without the ‘permissions’, the said user will appear normal
  12. To remove Timeout of a user is also easy
  13. On PC, right-click on the user’s name
  14. On Discord mobile, just hold on to the user avatar
  15. This will open their “Profile Context Menu”
  16. Now click on “Remove Timeout”
  17. Now click on “Confirm”

How to Fix the Discord Timeout Not Working?

As this is a relatively new feature in Discord, many users might face some issues in issuing the time out. One of the main reasons could be that the user you are issuing the timeout might already be the admin or a moderator with all the permissions enabled for them. So you can easily remove the admin or moderator role, then assign the timeout to them. This will fix and solve the Discord Timeout Feature not working issue for your server.

If this is not fixed and you are really having trouble with a specific user then there are workarounds. This must only be used if you can’t just ban or kick out the user, or you own a public server where the user can just join back. So all you have to do is create a role with all permissions disabled. Then go to advanced permissions and disable Send Messages & the option to Speak. Now you can assign this role to the user you want to give a timeout.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use the Discord Timeout Feature to time out users on PC & Mobile. While you are here, check out more of our Discord tips and tricks, to stay updated with all the new features.

How to Timeout Someone on Discord

You can timeout someone on Discord by right-clicking on their name and choosing timeout. Only members with the server permission to “Timeout Members” can timeout someone on Discord. We recommend only giving the timeout permission to server moderators and admins.

  1. Right click on a member’s username.
  2. Select the timeout option.
  3. Set the duration.
  4. Give a reason if you like.
  5. Click “Confirm”.

Timeout Someone on Discord Mobile

  1. Tap on the member’s username.
  2. Select “Timeout” from the menu.
  3. Set the duration.
  4. Add a reason in the box provided, this is optional.
  5. Tap the timeout button to confirm.

Remove Timeout on Discord Mobile

  1. Tap on the timed-out member’s username.
  2. Choose to remove timeout.
  3. Click “Remove Timeout” again.

Who Can See When a User has been Timed Out?

Server owners, admins, and moderators can see who has been timed out on Discord. When a member has been timed out they will receive a message informing them of the action.

How to Allow Moderators to Timeout Members

Moderators need the “Timeout Members” permission enabled to timeout someone on Discord. You can enable the permission through the server settings.

  1. Open the server settings.
  2. Select “Roles” from the side.
  3. Open your moderator role.
  4. Switch to permissions.
  5. Enable the “Timeout Members” permission.
  6. Save changes and close.

Why You Should Use the Timeout Feature

Giving your server moderators permission to timeout members stops them from needing kick or ban permissions. With kick and ban permissions enabled moderators can be a safety risk to your server as they have the ability to remove everyone from your server. While you might trust all of your server moderators, there is still a chance that their account becomes compromised.

How to See Who Timed Someone Out and Why

You can use the Discord server audit log to see who timed out a member, and why. Checking your server logs will help you keep an eye on your moderator’s actions.

  1. Open the Discord server settings.
  2. Switch to the Audit Log page.
  3. Expand the “Filter by Action” menu at the top.
  4. Select “Update Member”.
  5. Click the log for the timed-out user.


Timing someone out allows you to punish a user without completely removing them from your Discord server. The timeout punishment sends a strong message and gives your members a second chance to behave. With the addition of the timeout feature server moderators no longer need permissions to kick or ban members. Instead, moderators can give a long timeout duration so you can manually review each case.

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